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Christies Beach, South Australia, Australia

$175.00 (Negotiable)

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Condition : New
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Brand-new KANAGROO STAMPS 1/2d 
4 great condition

1/2d Kangaroo stamps refer to postage stamps featuring the image of a kangaroo with a denomination of half a penny. These stamps were issued as part of the postal system in Australia during the early to mid-20th century. The design of the stamp typically includes a depiction of a kangaroo, a national symbol of Australia, along with the denomination value displayed prominently. The 1/2d Kangaroo stamps were essential for sending mail within the country during this period.

These stamps hold historical significance as they represent a time when Australia was transitioning from a colony to an independent nation. They were widely used for everyday postal services, affixed to letters, postcards, and other mail items to cover the cost of postage. The 1/2d Kangaroo stamps were part of a series of Kangaroo stamps that featured different denominations, showcasing the rich wildlife and national identity of Australia.

For stamp collectors, the 1/2d Kangaroo stamps are of particular interest. Collectors may seek out specific editions, variations, or rare releases to add to their philatelic collections. These stamps not only serve as a functional means of payment for postage but also hold value as collectible pieces. They provide a tangible connection to Australia’s postal history and offer insight into the design trends and printing techniques of that era.

Overall, 1/2d Kangaroo stamps are a unique and historically significant part of Australia’s philatelic heritage. They symbolize the country’s natural beauty, serve as a means of postal communication, and attract collectors and enthusiasts worldwide who appreciate their aesthetic appeal and historical value.


Christies Beach, South Australia, Australia
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