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Any questions?

Here is most of the common questions answered.

  • Yes, your account will never be deleted and you can post as many ads as you want in all categories.

  • In the future if the app perform well i plan to set some categories as paid, also the bidding and the future ads, but for now all is free, you can of course not put out all your ads as feutured thats is limited.

  • Please let me know via email and i will ad them for you

  • Yes this is a brand new app, i try to add job placements but i cant set out things for sale, that is up to the public, the only way this will work is if you put out ads and help me build a great app!

  • You can register with you email , gmail and phone number

  • You need to put out a telephone number so that people can contact you on whatsapp and per telephone, a profile image is a option to.

  • After you have registered you must press on the blue plus at the bottom of the app, choose a name, category, then what type of add is is ad some pictures your telephone and address, choose your location on the map and then accept the terms and conditions and press publish.

  • For now 30 days or untill it is sold.

  • Please contact me and i will try to help you

Android App
Android App