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If you struggle please contact me

How to sell my stuff

Like I said before, this is a empty app and the only way it is going to grow is if you, that is the person on the other side of the screen that landed here help by making this app great!

The first way is to Sell your stuff is to put out an ad, you can do so by doing the following:

1: Register yourself with google, email or phone number

2:Update your profile, put out a picture of you if you want .-) and a short text or social profiles.

3: Press on the big plus at the bottom

– Select ad name, car, boat clothes etc

– Select a category

Categories are:


-Animals-Art and design




-rc equipment

-sports and out doors

-Commercial and offices

-Fashion and beuty

-give away

-House and home

-Jobs-Latest news

–List your company

-List your property

-Looking for work

-Real estate

-Services-Want to buy

There is a whole lot of sub categories on sell my stuff underneath the main ones


Select images, take it with your phone or upload a picture

-ad type buy, sell,give away etc

-Price type fixed, negotiable etc.

-ad price-Ad currency

-Ad condition


Tags very important to be found!

Video if you like of the product on sell my stuff

Be selective on what you are selling and use keywords

Then you can decide on Bidding time and date.

Finally your name, address and telephone number very important if you want people to find you!

Press I agree to terms and condition and publish!

All done. Now you can sell my stuff or your stuff

Now on the top right hand side you have the home icon that will take you back to the start page, you have the nearby option that will show all the ads in a km range that you decide and you have the advanced search option to fine tune your search.

Next to the home screen title you have three stripes that is the following:

-Home takes you home

-Profile view or edit your profile

-Advanced search

-Messages you have received

-Packages if you want to buy a placement, but all ads are free and your account wont expire

.-My ads all the ads you have placed

-Inactive ads

-Featured ads

-Fav ads

-Rejected ads

-Expired sold ads

-Most Visited ads

-Shop not 100% yet but working on it .-)

Now if there is any question or issues you can contact me on support@bidorbuy.no, I will reply within 24 hours and see if I can help you.

If there is any countries or categories missing that you would like to include also contact me.

Countries at the moment are:

-Norway about 420 ads









-South Afrika








-New Zealand



At the Bottom of the menu there is a site location text, from there you can choose your location or change your location


Once again thank you for taking interest in the app!

Sell my stuff!

You can download the app here


Android App
Android App